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Default Re: Respuesta: ZERO's First Build (Tribrid)

thanks man i just cant wait to get it up on that big mean hill i got it for.... ohh yeah there is a city garage and dump next to the church where i work and one of the guys told me about a schwinn chopper someone had there and said i should go talk to him that he would probably give it to me so i went over there and talked to his nephew and hea said he would probably give it to me, but he was gone on vacation and he would be back monday so i asked if i could see it and he said it was in the corner of the garage and it still had the paper and tag on it... it must have been one walmart through away from defect because the fork and wheel and handlebar was off but i could work with it anyway, it is a green one.

i also traded a guy like 6 kids bike for a silver chopper bike but i havent seen him in a few days to recieve my end of the bargain. ill get it though. so now hopefully i will have 2 choppers to convert to the dark side of speed.

if anyone has a burned up motor, i would be interested in buying the clutch pin and ball if anyone could help please PM me.
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