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Default ZERO's First Build (Tribrid)

HERE IS NEW VIDEO YouTube - Tribrid Bicycle

OK i figured i would put this on while its still fresh (since im not completely finished)

I have E-zip Trailz electric bike and Bought a 66cc kit from Bikeberry.

Monday- i got the kit and started to put it on at about 3:30pm...figured out that there wasnt enough room for the motor the way it came so i took off the mounting plate that curves to the bar... swapped the hardware because the down tube is huge...and used the sprocket hardware for the back mount. in attempt to bend the longer front mount hardware i broke one...discouraged, i figured i would do something that would work i put the chain on.
i didnt see how it was going to work so i picked the bike up...put it on top of the jeep and took it to my father-in-laws garage. later i found out that since i had the clutch cover off i lost the pin and ball on the way over.... but no problem there... we grinded down the front mount to cuff around the down tube and took the E-zip electric chain off, put the new chain around all the sprockets which include both motors and the 20T freewheel sprocket at the 26 in back wheel. So with out the front motor mount attatched it was 10:00 time enough to eat and go home.

Tuesday- Got back over to the garage about 5:00pm and brought a muffler clamp to mount on top of the front motor mount to keep it still. Put the tank behind the seat on the rack, switched sides with the electric throttle, scooted the gear switcher over and put the brake in between them. i put the throttle on and mounted it which seems a little cheep but anyways....i decited to test it out and we put some gas in it and gas started leaking out of the little brown button because there wasnt enough room for the carb to be straight even though i took off that black cover. we turned it to the other side and cut off whatever was in the way...not too much though. it was close to being straight so we put it on a block and hit the electric throttle. with a little gas throttle it started up and ran good it seemed the tensioner wasn't impressing me though. but i took it off the block and headed for the little curvy highway. it got up to 23 which the electric motor only goes like 17 so it was pretty nice. i turned around started heading back. through all of the excitment and loud noise i started feeling alot of vibration and looked down. the motor was quite shaky so i hit the killswitch and held it and let the electric take me back. time to eat and get home.

Wednesday- Got back to the garage real late after church 9:30 PM but we planned on staying the night so then i started putting on 2 straps and 2 bolts around the bottom tube and top of motor. it seemed to be pretty tight. bed time again

Thursday morning- 8:00am had to tighten up the chain and used the currie motor mount and thought i had it pretty tight. soo i took off the tensioner. and had to put some washers on the straps to tighen up the motor more. it was about time for work and i thought it was good to go and headed out. it didnt feel right, it was only going like 18 and there was alot of chain shaking soo i stopped and the chain wasnt tight enough. i kept on but then the chain broke soo i went back peddling the 100 pound bike lol. we put the chain back on and the tensioner but i had to go to work and here i am but when i get time i will go back and try again.

i want to thank all of the
people who have been helping
me though the chat box.
Thanks Zero (Cody)
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