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Default Re: carburetor is leaking from primer screw

First of all I want to thank all you for your help on my first built moto bicycle, I bought my kit here at mustang sallys bike rental shop in Scottsdale, I researched them on line the grubee seemed the best anyways this place the guy said he takes all his engines apart and cleans the burrs and metal pieces up and sells them seemed legit enough plus i didnt have to wait orderin for it online. He said he has built over 70 bikes so far and offered to put mine together for $60bucks I wanted to do myself for fun I told him.They were real helpful and he said there open untill 2am renting bikes LoL(ok i said whatever)
Anyways here's what i did carb leaking yesterday took apart carb cleaned put back on level put ngk plug found brake lever that fit cable for throttle my throttle was broke the first day now perfect ran 91 octane gas rode today like the wind rode 34 mph seemed like it wanted to go faster no leaks from carb got 90 miles on it ran excellent today thanks again for all your guys help ill keep u posted and send a pic of my bike
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