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Default An addendum

OK, I'm bumping this one more time because I found one more oops. After reassembling the parts in the correct order I found that I now had the same power levels that I did before but the engine was still racing when I idled. In messing with the carb and swapping parts, etc. I finally found the problem. If you look at FR31's pictures you will see the slot in the cylinder that you insert the cable through. This slot also acts as an alignment device. There is a small "pimple" on the inside of the carb that this slot must be aligned with. If the cylinder is not oriented properly it cannot be inserted. Anyway the problem I found was that the cable end I made out of solder was too fat and it was hanging up on the "pimple" keeping the cylinder from dropping back into place. By trimming the solder blob with a pair of sharp wire cutters I finally got the silly thing working properly. That first line in my sig is fact not humor. I always did have to step in it to find it!
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