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Default Re: Manic Mechanic Intake

Hello guys,

Answers from top to bottom:


Yes the intake works fine with both: my clutch actuator, and the factory unit.

There is in fact a modification that needs to made...the clutch cable stanchion, (the piece that threads into the engine that holds the cable sheath), has to be shortened by 1/4"...otherwise the carb will hit the top of the stanchion.

The dimensions for the exhaust and intake gaskets are different on most engines. I have had a few cutomers ask for custom intakes, as thier engines have the same stud spacing for the exhaust and intake.

What's good for the exhaust isn't good for the intake as far as gaskets go. The dead soft copper is great for the exhaust, but it doesn't provide a flawless seal when expands with heat. The heat at the exhaust is what makes it work. The intake side doesn't get hot. There would be a vacuum leak. Typical automotive, fiber type, gasket material is better for the intake side.


You're right, they are different on most of the engines. From what customers have told me, there are a few that have the same stud spacing, exhaust and intake. I don't know which engines.


Thanks! And yes you are absolutely right. The fiber sheet material from the auto parts store is far better than copper for the intake.


I really didn't expect the intakes to sell very well because most engines are installed tilted to fit the frame.

I have already made up some custom clutch cable stanchions to go with the Intake...Ask motorized bicycle Monkey for pics, he got one with his Jag kit.

I really wanted to O-ring the intake mounting face, so that a gasket would not be needed...there just isn't enough room. The studs are so close to the port.

The final intake product will include the clutch cable stanchion and a quality die-cut intake gasket.

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