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Default Re: Life expectancy of Chinese Bicycle Engines

In the late 60's a company called Triumph decided to be silly and build their own V8 out of two of their slant 4 motors. Given that they were basing this V8 on the first ever production car 16v engine which was well accepted by customers you would think the car it was put in would be a success...

It was. The Stag V8, bodywork penned by Michelotti, was a great sucess at first. Then engines started to cook...

It turned out that the radiator was marginal for cooling - and given the average driver doesnt maintain the cooling system - problems developed and expensive ones at that...

If a Stag is looked after and the handbook followed the motors are bombproof but there are some people who wont learn even after one detonation...

The morale of the story is - look after your kit and it will look after you.

The Chengines are of their nature fairly fragile because of their location of manufacture and that they are built to a price, and a low one. They will be more sensitive than the commecial based kits such as GEBE etc but its their pricepoint that is the prime advantage.

With something sensitive you have to be more careful - mix fuel properly and keep it agitated - check the engine mixture regularly and importantly run it in properly (important for the chengines) - make sure brakes and fittings are not binding and bearings are free so the engine isnt fighting friction all the time.

With care these engines should be fine for years out of the box assuming you dont get a duff one but that depends on the owner and rider treating the machine properly and maintaining it between times...

Jemma xx
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