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Default Re: carburetor is leaking from primer screw

If your carb is leaking at the tickler then the needle and seat aren't sealing like they should. You really should check it. Take the bowl off the carb and turn it upside down, the float should sit about level. If it sits down in the carb to much you need to adjust the tab on the float arm so it closes quicker. Then put a piece of fuel line on the carb, with it right side up. Blow thru the fuel line with your mouth and lift the float lever with your finger. It should stop you from blowing thru it. If it doesn't there's something stuck in there. It's really easy to take apart and clean. If you have to, the seat is removable. Where the gas line connects you'll see the top in slotted. It's so you can remove it with a screwdriver. If it leaks to much it can fill the crankcase with fuel.
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