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Default Re: getting a good china kit

Originally Posted by ssmario1 View Post

so cant u guy tell me which china kit is a good one 2 put on my schwiin cruiser
Mario, I know some guy's dont like king's. Several years ago I purchased seven 80cc kings motors kits when they where $150.00. Every one of them is still running strong. Except for two that I have not used. I have over 3,000miles on mine and ride it everyday.
I also have used several from Spooky's, and as far as I know they have been just fine, one was a 80cc and the rest 48cc.
The only problem I have had is a wrist pin, but that was my fault, had nothing to do with the motor.
I have heard horror stories of some of the china motors, but I have had no problem what so ever. Who's the best place to get it from, I really dont know. As far as I know they all come from the same place, unless someone knows other wise.
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