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Default Re: Help! After 100 miles engine wont start

Hey guys, the other day i was at petro canada getting gas for my bike, i filled my 5 gallon tank and put a bit of gas into my bikes tank to even off the price, when i got home i poured the oil directly into the tank and shook the bike, the next day i began having some troubles starting the bike, i would have to pedal up to 20hm/h and wait for about 5 seconds then she would fire up, when the engine is hot, it starts a bit better. Once the bike was started it worked perfectly like nothing was wrong accept for the fact that it also would not idle, so i drained the gas, cleaned the carb, and cleaned up the fowled spark plug and it was still giving me troubles starting. Today it took about 20 seconds at 20km/h to start it and once it did it ran fine accept for the idle, when i pulled into tim hortons the bike stalled. I tried to fire it up again and it would not start, ive checked for spark the old fashion way, touching the wire while riding the bike and it defiantly is sparking, it wants to start i think because you hear a bang every couple of seconds. Can anyone help me? Im out of ideas, the weird part is last night i went on a 30km ride with a buddy of mine and it ran the whole time once it was started.
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