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Default Re: Help! After 100 miles engine wont start

Originally Posted by jdmphotography View Post
Hey, thanks for reading. My bike has been working great for at least 100 miles (with a few exceptions) and now it just will not fire up.

One possibility:

There is a chance I put too much oil in the mix because I filled up on the run. I dumped what I think was 4 oz. (though may have been 6 oz) in the tank after filling it up with just shy of a half gallon. I used SuperS universal 2 cycle engine oil MULTI-MIX. This is different than what I normally use. I rode it maybe 1 mile that night and and maybe 4 the next day, and 3 the day after that and it ran really great. .
I have done this. It is called premix for a reason. If you didn't mix the oil with the gas before putting it in the tank it is likely that the oil made it's way to the carb.

I would take the carb apart and drain the tank. Clean all the parts and reassemble it.
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