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Default Re: Hello everyone!

I just finished my first build. The tools you need are minimal the information is all available here so ask ask ask.

When you get to the carburator assembly please stop and ask before you stick it in. I thought i knew exactly what I was doing and wound up with a clip in the engine. If it weren't for guidance from Norman I would be back riding elec bikes I built myself. It isn't difficult its just strange to us newbies. Those directions need a lot of explaining so ask ask ask. Trust me YOU CAN DO IT. If you have a set of wrenches and screwdrivers you are pretty much there.

The people here, unlike some other forums, will bend over backwards to answer that specific question you have. Most of them (not me) have tons of experience building bikes.

Coaster bikes are easy to adapt I think. I have no experience with mtbs though. And very very little with anything. Good luck and again YOU CAN DO IT
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