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Default muffler

Ok, my first build is going great. is my problem. First the motor mounts (outside) broke while I was mounting the motor, so I had to improvise with some metal clamps. Next I found I did not have enough clearence for my muffler from the pedals. The first thought was to find a longer spindle, but I have one of the longest I can find, and the only one that I can find that is longer only gives me a few millimeters more clearence, not enough. Next, I figured I can just heat up the muffler using a welding torch, and bend it a few degrees. That should work, except I don't have a welding torch or anything else I can use to heat up the metal. Querry: Is there anyplace you guys know of (Midas, Meineke, etc.) I can take this muffler and have them bend it for me?.
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