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Default Hello motorbicycling fans

I have been wanting one of these kits for over 2 years.
Well, I finally got one from ThatsDax. As for Dax, he seems to be better them most of the other vendors I have read about. The kit I got looked complete and fairly clean.

First question, why did I think this was going to be easy?
Immediate problems, the motor doesn't mount easily on the frame I have. My peddles hit the motor if it's to low. Moving the motor up creates a spacing problem between the mount points. Since I don't know how to weld, this might be a creative challenge for me.
Then, the chain path looks like it's going to rub on the frame, hummm, maybe some washers will space the frame out a enough??? Then the sprocket doesn't fit over the rear wheel hub enough to mount up on the wheel properly. Maybe a touch of grinding to open the center hole in the sprocket? Oh, I'm looking forward to that, yea!

Maybe my gf would like a motor on her beach cruiser? Her birthday is coming up....?
OK, that's plan B

Pat Jr.
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