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Default Re: china kit safe on dirt road?

Originally Posted by matt167 View Post
thanks.. got a dirt road that leads off from near my house into where my grandparents driveway is ( was the old road ), where there used to be a couple houses up there, and a farm ( note, this is in the middle of the woods ).. now only part of 1 of the barns stand sort of, the remaining house fell in, mid 90's.. it looks like someone just left 50 years ago and never came back.. the feilds are 50% wilderness now, tho you can still tell they are there, the roads are still there and some of the fences are there.. I havn't been up there in 5-6 years, and I'd like to go back up to see what it looks like now.. we used to bike to the point you couldn't ride a bike anymore ( road grown over with grass and not well travled anymore ) and then walk the rest up to where the buildings stood..but I think with the engine, I could ride it slow up thru the bad part.. it's a place now that, only some have ever seen, but it's worth it..
Snap some pics...sounds interesting to me.
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