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Default Re: Motorized bicycle resistance?

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post

Two bike shops, and one guy with "400 bikes" and do you think I could bring a few home?

The one bike shop practically threw me out the door when I mentioned bicycle motors. The other one changed it's tune and told me "we don't have what you're lookin' for here". (shades of the 50's in the south) and the 400 bikes guy, gave me such a run around about what he had and if/when/where I could look at them, I gave up! He did at least ask me if they "were like a Whizzer" at least.

Back to yard sales and flea markets for my bike supply I guess.

Anybody else have a problem when mentioning your hobby to "bicycle enthusiasts"?
Yes!! I have been told to leave the store and I'm not afraid to mention who they are: Fair Wheel Bikes 1110 E. 6th Street, Arizona Cyclist 5350 E. Broadway, Arizona Bicycle Experst 2520 E. 6Th street, R&R Bicycle 2830 N. Cambell Ave.
We have a huge biking community here in Tucson due to our weather, I know some people disagree with me but I call them "spandex nut's" They believe they own the roads here in Tucson and not only fight Motorized bicycles, but also fight the law and vehicle drivers. Alot of these Spandex nut's own most of the bike stores here in Tucson.
I have had the spandex nut's call me all kinds of names, water bottles thrown, they even spit on me one time. But, I must say I also have met a few that love motorized bikes. But most of them hate us and whish we wern't around.
I'm proud to say I've never been to there level, and do my best to ignore them ( other then calling them spandex nuts). I do have to admit the water bottle that hit me in the head really got me mad. I chased them down but there was about sixty of them and none of them had the balls to admit who threw it and face me.
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