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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

To everyone who wrote how "dumb,unsafe,duck tape-n-Chinese newspaper" these fun educating and rewarding HOBBY kits are. GO find a padded room put on your mittens on and cork your fork.

To everyone else ill race ya to the next light

P.S. Just know you can only learn so much and have some much fun when you live in a padded bubble.

Cheers and happy times

This part is for brucemg51. First if all this is designed as an bicycle assist motor not a motorcycle motor. Wheres your peddles? That would help the motor from torquing off. And also i suspect you tightened the bolts to tight. Maybe you would fell a little safer with one of these in a big empty well lit parking lot. New Star Muscle Motorbike with Training Wheels in Black: Toys & Games PLUS it comes pre assembled so you dont have to worry about learning life's lessons the hard way .**** you dont have to learn at all they do it for you.

sorry everyone this post just hit a nerve.

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