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Default Working on my lighting system

I知 working on my lighting right now and read many of the applicable posts. The consensus appears to be that the white wire can be used to power a 6v system of limited power requirements. I also read and verified that it is AC and shorting it or drawing too much power from the wire will kill the spark. A full wave bridge was suggested to convert to DC which would be more appropriate for a charging/battery/lighting system. I also read that the CDI is powered from only one half of the AC wave. If true, there may be some other options for a lighting system.

I used a half wave rectifier to verify this. With the engine idling, I connected a diode to the white wire and shorted it to the frame. The engine died. I restarted the engine and reversed the diode and shorted it to the frame. Even with a direct short the engine slowed only very slightly. Using this half wave rectifier configuration, I should be able to have what ever electrical load the system can provide without significantly affecting the spark.

The voltage appears to vary with RPM. The RMS (average) voltage of a half wave rectifier is .707 times that of the AC or full wave RMS voltage. I知 going to experiment with some simple electrical systems on my bike using a single diode for half wave rectification, a capacitor, maybe a battery and zener diode for regulation. I知 planning on doing a 6v system but because of the half wave rectifier, I may have to use a lower voltage system.

If anyone has looked into any of the above, I would like to hear about it. I値l post again after I have some results.

I live in California. To comply with the laws, I need to operate as a moped. That means a one time $18 plate fee and the proper equipment. A stoplamp and horn are required. I plan on driving at night, so I also need a headlamp and taillamp. The brightness requirements for a moped are less than for other vehicles, so I知 hoping that the alternator on the engine can provide enough power. I will use LEDs in at least the taillamp and stoplamp. I plan on using an electric horn even though a mechanical horn might be legal
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