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Default Re: DUDE! Where's my locking freewheel ??!!

OK- just a quick note after researching these "flip-flop" hubs some more, and trhis is from a dealer answering a question to someone else on e-bay-

Apparently, the lockring on a rear "flip-flop" track "fixie" hub is ALREADY reversed thread-

That means that our sprocket will fit the diameter of the hub (a standard Track bicycle racing cog threading)- ALTHOUGH IT WON"T THREAD DOWN.

But the lockring, with left-handed reverse thread, WILL LOCK and hold it laterally about 1/8 inch from the spokes.

The best solution here then, outside of the "locking freewheel" would then simply be a track cog that had enough teeth for our motors. That WOULD thread on (they only seem to go up to about 22- trackies always "push the big meat!" So then what would a 22 cog do with the motor?- about 180 mph or something, once it got going!)

So then all that is needed is a way to move our sprockets forward WITH THE HUB- and it appears that some simple and lightweight (even alloy!) bolts may go through some drilled holes in the sprocket, and directly through the holes in many typical HIGH-FLANGED hubs- to pull the already locked down sprocket with it- and eliminating all the heavy metal plates and rubber pieces and long standard nine bolts. (there are still nine holes in MOST high flange alloy hubs, only they are closer to the large inner hole. I'm thinking that six then may be enough- eliminating every third bolt and nut.)

A place called "Bike wagon" in Salt Lake is selling them on E-bay- I'm sure there are others- These are on 700c wheelsets- 26 inch may be hard to find, or build your own, or have the local bike shop build them, once you get a rear hub.

If anyone has any objection to the arrangement, let him speak now, but I'm probably gonna try this when I get the money and time- I've been spending too much time on this friggin nonsense anyway! And I stepped on a nail a couple of weeks ago, got a tetnus shot and have been sick since.

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