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Default Re: got my first chinese 50cc kit - need advice

im not sure if i did this right, i connected the black wire from to the motor to the black wire on the CDI, and the blue wire from the motor to the blue wire on the CDI. one of the wires on the kill switch i connected to the white wire coming off the motor, and the other wire on the kill switch i connected to the engine case by slightly loosening the white knob that has the three wires going through it, sticking the wire in between the knob and the engine case for the ground.

everything else is assembled, and hopefully ready for a test run.

do i need to put any lube inside any of the engine components?

also, when i have the clutch disengaged the bike rolls fine, but when its engaged it locks up the wheel when i try to push it , but if i turn the rear wheel by hand it turns the sprocket inside the engine and i can hear sort of a clackety sound, is this good or bad?
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