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Default Re: Sick Bike parts shift kit questions

Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
It must be some level of miscommunication. Since some of the items aren't on our website, this quickly turned into a special order.

This is what I think you ordered: "front freewheel assembly with cranks, jackshaft, bearings, and gears/sprockets"
We didn't know you wanted the hardware. We have no idea what you are building. Put yourself in our shoes for a minute. We are not mind readers.
Yeah, I often think in terms that make perfect sense to me but leave others scratching their heads.

Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
Here's what the invoice says:

I will give you the spindle because I agree I did say a spindle should come with, back in 2008. We will also give you a replacement jackshaft - we've never seen that happen,we would love that one back to show our supplier.

Now you strongly and publicly think you were shorted the freewheel hardware? Done. I will include that.

Not to be harsh, but we have learned our lesson about order clarity - in the future, individual item orders (a la carte) do NOT include mounting hardware. We will have to also make it pretty clear: If it's not on our website, we don't sell it a la carte.




I never felt I was "shorted" the hardware, just stated that I thought it would be included in the front freewheel/crank/sprocket/spindle assembly. I assumed hardware was included, you guys assumed I didn't need it. Easy mistake.
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