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Default Re: new project aka "Molotov"

Update time fellas. Last week I thought I had it done. Until Saturday when I broke a weld on the rear section of the frame. I took it by a buddy of mine's shop, he suggested that I reinforce the forks to get some of the sloppy wobble out of it. With no spring, there are some spots that can be welded with no worries, I also want to add a brace between the skinny rails and one between the the curved ones. I also need to make a sleeve for the neck stem so that everything will fit tight. Meanwhile, I was having major issues with my 4 stroke engine. It absolutely did not fit anyhere on that frame, so I Craigslisted a two stroke kit for 90 buckaroos. Turns out the pedal chain still got in the way. So after some trial and error I came up with this idea.
proj stage 5-2_1024x768.JPG
I cut the large sprocket off of a mountain bike sprocket and mounted it in the original crank housing. I also cut the crank down to basically nothing. I won't be using the pedals there anyway, and you need the crank to hold the sprocket on. Assembling the bike was easy for the most part, engine bars and all that. I got lucking because the cables were plenty long for the apes.
proj stage 5-4 (3)_1024x768.JPG
proj stage 5-5_1024x768.JPG
I used BMX chains for this bike, mainly because the massa links are detatchable. That's why I had to attatch another tensioner. Due to the width of the crank housing and how far it sticks out from the frame, I couldn't attatch the tensioner to the frame, so I took a risk and Drilled two holes on the engine cover. Fortunately there was enough clearance due to the dimension of the large sprocket on the inside of the engine. It is kind of dome shaped and flattens out on the edge which is where the bolt heads are. Whew.
proj stage 5-6_1024x768.JPG
The paint for this bike is black bedliner in a can. Same thing with the rims. The broken weld is behind the engine chain tensioner. When I reinforce the forks, then my buddy and I can fix the rear section of the frame. That's it for now.
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