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Default Carb problems - it's the little things that get you!

OK, so I had to take my carb off and make a new cable because a part broke for no apparent reason during a routine adjustment. Well, since then I have found that the bike won't climb a mild grade I used to be able to accelerate up and the engine would race when I stopped at a light.

I took the cable off the carb tonight and found a minor oops. When properly assembled the needle and it's clip sits on the bottom of the cylinder with a slotted plate on top of it which is pressed down by the spring so that everything moves in unison. What I had done was have the needle clip on top of the slotted plate so the needle was capable of shifting about on its own. D'oh! I am sure this is what caused the racing engine at idle. It remains to be seen if it will fix the lack of power but the shift would have been the equivalent of moving the clip down at least one notch so I am thinking it is.

I am just posting this so if anybody else has a similar problem they might find this if they do a search.

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