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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

You know what. This year I fought fire with a very strong and healthy older gentelman. I looked up to him and and admired his attitude towards life. Three days ago I saw the man. He is in a motorized scooter, all of his teeth broken out and paralyzed from the nipple down. You know what from? He was riding a bicycle (Not motorized) and his front tire blew out causing him to endo onto his face. If you ask that man if he will ride a bike ever again, he'll say "well if the stem cells do what their supposed to do **** yes I will". Walk across the road you might be hit by a car, get on a bicycle you might die. I saw a 17 yo kid was riding and hit a bump in the asphalt near the train tracks, he fell forward and snapped his neck. Bam dead, I watched a good friendbe thrown from a rope swing almost 150 in the air he fell straight on his neck then bounced 15 ft off the solid dirt. We hung out the rest of the night and the next day he was life flighted to the hospital his neck was smashed to bits. He didn't die though. O'well you live you learn, I would rather do every dangerous thing I do and risk it. Otherwise I'd rather be dead anyway.
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