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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

Originally Posted by drhofferber View Post
i go to the local fastener store and ask for the hardest all thread...usually the man says its about grade 6....remember grade 8 steel bolts and pot metal doesnt work...guess what breaks...not the bolt....saddletramp is correct about stainless steel bolts...there are sites on the internet that carry these...most of the bolts at hardware stores...and thats including the bigs ones have bolts that are heat treated in water...oil is great and honey is the best...Dennis
IMO the stock chinese bolts are fine. Biggest reason for breakage is overtightening. Once I started using a stubby wrench and threadlock not a single sheared stud out of hundreds over the last few years. No lost nuts either.

FYI stainless and grade 8 bolts are not allowed in aircraft prop bolts or engine mounts due to being more brittle than regular moly-steel.
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