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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

Originally Posted by altarr View Post
how does one go about swapping out the bolts?
Pull out the old ones, put new ones in. Not bolts though, just rods, no head on either end. They might be a little hard to find because they're metric, but an easy way to do it is grab some metric bolts (easier to find) of the strongest metal available, that are the right length, and cut the head off with a hacksaw or something. I used a dremel, but got metal slivers EVERYWHERE. (like embedded into my hands) After you cut the heads off, make sure you slide some nuts OFF the cut side, to clean up the threads. Most hardware stores are likely to have the bolts (i typically use Ace Hardware for these) and most employees can size one for you and tell you which metal is strongest.

Originally Posted by Ilikeabikea View Post
When I changed mine I put two nuts on the stud and tightened them against each other and then I just backed them right out..............
Oh man. Thats brilliant. I just started and was having issues. Taking them out was easy enough, just used vice-grips.. but that sounds like a great way to put the new ones in...
ALTARR - take notes! =)

Originally Posted by Saddletramp1200 View Post
Every bike I build has stainless steel bolts aircraft locking nuts and locktite. My bikes take longer to build, cost more but I can say I have never had one come back due to metal fatigue.
My kinda man. I have the same feelings on the issue.
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