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Default Re: My First Build.. (Completed)

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post


You have made major improvements to your install when looking back at the original mock-up.

I have a few suggestions:

1) It appears from the photo that the kill switch wires are draped across the muffler. It looks like none of the wiring has been secured. I would definitely gather up some wire ties and route the wiring away from the exhaust pipe by securing it to the frame. Don't wire tie anything to the muffler, it gets a bit hot.

2) your engine appears to be mounted at an acute angle relative to the seat post. i.e. the seat post angle looks normal, yet the engine is rotated counter-clockwise to what would be normal. I assume you were trying to achieve a compromise at both ends regarding fitment to the frame. This will likely result in broken mount studs. The engine could come loose and become a frightening foe to deal with at the crotch level. I can't tell for sure, but it looks as though the nipple on the carb for the fuel line is a bit higher than the tank...this is another good reason to drop the engine.

I would suggest mounting the engine squarely to the seat post, (the carb should be fairly level), and then address the front mount. If you choose to do this, post a pic and I will show you how to make a simple, effective, cheap, front mount.

3) Why did you mount the clutch lever on the throttle side of the handlebars? This is going to be awkward when comming to a stop.

I'm not being critical...I'm just trying to spare you some grief!

Oh,Jim The Fuel Flows Nicely To The Carb.. Thanks For Your Help Jim.. Appreciate It..
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