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Default Re: got my first chinese 50cc kit - need advice

alright so the moped is almost done (or is it?), just gotta attach the chain, fuel line, clutch cable, and attach the twist throttle to the handle.

couple questions:

1) i haven't put any kind of lube anywhere (other than the parts that were already on the bike), what is the proper way to do this?

2) when i first got the motor, i pushed the lever on the motor that controls the clutch all the way in, and was able to turn the sprocket by hand, although i could feel a lot of resistance, when i let the clutch lever spring back to its original position, i tried to turn the sprocket by hand and it wouldn't budge. is this what is supposed to happen?

3) what else do i need to do before i can fire her up for the first time?

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