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Default Re: busted flywheel/sheared shaft with pics

Originally Posted by Forbisher View Post
40mph? What size rear sprocket are you running?
Shifter kit?

Flywheel???? It is just a magnet not a flywheel

and you have sheared the shaft off that is pressed into your crankshaft flywheel

Ez out??? You need to split the cases and replace the whole crankshaft assembly

You would have to get one from a used engine

Might as well use a whole new bottom end or a new engine

the motor has been ported, handmade intake and large carb from a XR80. running a 36tooth, and top speed is 44mph. thats fast.

i always called the magnet a flywheel...dunno why.

oh man, i dont have time to split the case. i thought the shaft screwed in, not pressed. ive never messed with the bottom ends much, just the tops. never needed to.
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You are one sick man spun, I like that quality in a person.
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