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Originally Posted by unior View Post
Ok something I don't understand. Why can I run a chainsaw or weedwacker all day long wide open at 50:1 yet this engine requires insane amounts of oil? Can't I mix the gas leaner and adjust the carb richer?
I started with 50:1 many years ago because I had more than one engine and wanted to see. After a few thousand miles with no problem I decided to do it with all of mine. Now 6+ years later that engine has 14k on it and just starting to lose compression. Many bikes put together for myself and others since then also 50:1 and not one seized or bad bearing yet. Maybe just lucky. Or maybe that 20:1 stuff is because they use motor oil in china. And half of it drained from a car. I have watched them do it!

One thing is for sure. Both bike and Rotax aircraft engines run hotter with more oil in the mix as measured using IR thermometer. Many do not understand that more oil makes for a leaner, not richer, gas ratio.

I also think you can't always believe what you read on the internet (NET stands for Not Eveything's True) so everyone must decide for themselves what mix to use.
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