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Howdy TOS. I don't see why it would not only pull it, but do it well. Their tech folks have answered my questions in the past and seem very well versed and like most tech folks, love MBs. This is their question # 1-800-444-3353 I couldn't find any information on tourqe on the specs page. Man, an 80T is gonna look cool. Never having built or even seen a set up like your thinking, I certainly can offer no advice. Have you ever dealt with Max-torque? Really great folks and could advise you well.


Also, Znanerider here has worked a lot with that engine. Shoot him a note and invite him to your thread. He does some great stuff and knows that engine.

In any event, I am greatly looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Please keep posting. Half the fun is the scheming and planing! (...and half the pulling your hair out, snork)
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