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Default Re: busted flywheel/sheared shaft with pics

Originally Posted by dvddtz View Post
I found this crank as a spare,just a couple of keystrokes. Motorized Bicycle Engine Kits. All the parts are out there, you just have to look a little. Good luck. David
Thanks for the link but....
Crank assembly includes: Right and Left sides of Crank, Connecting shaft, lower needle bearing and rod. Unit comes fully assembled. Used in both 48cc and 80cc generation 2 motors.
There is no way that crank and rod will fit a 48 and a so called 80 and
what motor factory???

Also the bearing sizes, shaft diameters, keyways vary from factory to factory
so good luck!
The magneto side is probably the same but the crank gear side isn't

As far as I know Grubee does not sell replacement cranks

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