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Default Re: busted flywheel/sheared shaft with pics

40mph? What size rear sprocket are you running?
Shifter kit?

Flywheel???? It is just a magnet not a flywheel

and you have sheared the shaft off that is pressed into your crankshaft flywheel

Ez out??? You need to split the cases and replace the whole crankshaft assembly

You would have to get one from a used engine

Might as well use a whole new bottom end or a new engine

Originally Posted by Spunout View Post
tooling down the road at 40mph, i felt the slightest drop in speed just before the motor died."huh?" i noticed black oil coming from one of the bolt holes on the bottom of magneto cover.
pulled it off and there was the flywheel, wedged into the magneto.
the flywheel is comprised of three parts. apparently, one of them came off the main center. the shaft wanted to keep spinning and it did. sheared the flywheel right off.
gonna have to use the ez-out and replace the shaft/flywheel. if this wasnt my race motor, i probably wouldnt try so hard to save it.

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