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Default Re: 7400 ft elevation in Arizona

A man decided that he was going to ride a motorized bike from Tucson to Flagstaff. He got as far as Black Canyon City before the mountains and ran out of fuel. He stuck his thumb out, but after three hours hadn't gotten a single person to stop. Finally, a guy in a corvette pulled over and offered him a ride. Of course, the bike wouldn't fit in the car. The owner of the corvette found a piece of rope lying by the highway and tied it to his bumper.

He tied the other end to the bike and told the man that if he was going too fast, to honk the horn on his bike and that he would slow down. Everything went fine for the first 30 miles.

Suddenly, another vette blew past them. Not to be outdone, the vette pulling the bike took off after the other. A short distance down the road, the vette's both going well over 120mph, blew through a speed trap. The police officer noted the speed from his radar gun and radioed to the other officer that two vettes headed his way at 120mph.

He then relayed,...."and you're not going to believe this, there is a guy on a motorized bike honking his horn trying to pass...."

A friend just told me that joke, thought you might like it.

Welcome to the forum my fellow Arizonan.

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