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Default Re: My frame broke.

Wow, has it been 9 days already?

I've been getting around on leg-power lately, and it really wasn't a bad as I thought it would be. Most of the days had light wind. Yesterday sucked, though. I rode west about 8 miles and the wind was strong from the northwest. Good for coming back home, right? NO. In less than 3 hours it switched on me. Had to fight it again going back. I was so mad. A car was passing me and some young idiot was standing up out of the sunroof and I think he yelled "wanna race?", just as I was yelling "M*F*". I thought they might come back to give me trouble, but wisely didn't.

Almost done repainting the back half of my bike. I made a new, improved mounting system. It clamps across the seat stays and will really help reinforce the frame. The old system used two separate mounts. I made it that way for a reason, where the rear brake would raise the roller in case of an emergency stop. But I decided against that idea. This new mount is made out of some nice 1" thick aluminum stock.

I'll have some pics and details to post soon. Going to go apply a few more clear coats now.
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