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Glad to see that many of the peddler fanatics .,like myself are actually utilizing my tech tips that were shunned from the start, but later found to be helpful and true when it came to the wot flutter and tweeking the gap basically eliminating many issues. How some of the fine tuning can be utilized by gap settings. At the time i gave my input on this subject of gapping for performance i was literally here less than a week, replied to members comment on wot flutter heard what mods he had done , knew where the motor break in was at and told him to only mix enough fuel to last 2 weeks max, go 32:1 ratio, and replace your plug w/ ngk b5hs and gap it at .035-.042 but start at the low and progressively increase based on 2 things: ride hard stop check plug color, then increase accordingly, then stop when you've peaked at wot ,.,.pretty basic stuff! Timing and duration of spark,.But i got slammed on the gap setting by a few that were still using their factory plug,.,.haha that kill more motors than a kid pinning it on his 1st lap during breakin. I've done many of the same mods here with MB's and the hi perf. techniques that i've been doing to my 2-stroke air and h2o cooled engines that are pushin' 16hp in a pocketbike for almost 30 yrs. ,..,.ride-on
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