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Default Re: Slower After Gasket Replacement?

Thanks for all the help guys. I'm sure that's what the problem is. Its a relatively new engine, with maybe just short of 200 miles on it. The guy i bought it from swore by the 32:1 ratio, but from what Ive read this might be a bit rich. Especially after i sealed everything up better, right?? So I guess I will lean it out a bit. And 1 more time, just so I'm clear, i need to take my carb off and adjust a 'c' shaped clip inside it, and just one notch to start with, ya? And which direction again? I know that this has all been asked again and again, I am just horrible at using the search function, and not quite confident enough with these engines to assume what I'm doing is correct...So if someone could either tell me a quick step by step on how to lean out my carb, or just direct to a link where it will tell me how, i know its out there.
Thanks again for all the help guys, i don't know what I would do without this wonderful forum...
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