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Default Re: My project(s)

Ok, I was thinking about it, and now I'm wondering this:

HarborFreight 2.5HP 4stroke. 79.5cc, 3600rpm max.
centrifugal clutch with 10t gear
80t sprocket on the rear wheel.

This would come to a 38.8mph top speed. Given that tires vary, and the circumference will be a little different at the outside edge of different tires, this would translate into a top speed of 37-38.8. Not much a variance, but I thought I would note it.

My question, to Forbisher, is do you think thes HF 2.5hp would pull hard enough from stop with a centrifugal to run the above setup? Or should I consider an even lower (numerically higher) wheel sprocket? Top speed is not my priority, I just want a good solid and strong setup.
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