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Default Re: Slower After Gasket Replacement?

Originally Posted by >ScCruisin< View Post
Thanks Tom...
I notice the engine to be running more smooth and consistent, if you know what i mean(im sure you do). But i just dont have the acceleration or top end that i did before the gasket replacement. Its not a huge difference, but definitely noticeable. I will look at the plug in the morning when i get the chance to see and report how my engine is running. Im not sure if this means anything, but im almost positive that i notice more smoke coming out of the exhaust since the gasket change also. Could this have something to do with my change in power, or maybe a clue as to whats wrong with my bike, which im pretty confident is a very minor issue,,,
A leaner running engine will always have a little more power than a rich burn but you can go too far so if you want to try the 'C' clip position change go one groove up at a time. What Bike Guy Joe and Venice Boy is telling you is correct. You sealed things up like they're supposed to be so now you're probably a little on the rich side. Not a really bad thing but your engine will perform better with just a little less fuel to air mixture. You haven't said how old this engine is or if it's broken in yet or not. The Chinese 2 strokes will gain power as they are run more. You fuel to oil ratio is also an important issue. What is the ratio you're running and is your fuel mix a recent one. Mixed 2 stoke gas/oil seems to have a limited shelf life and the fresher the mix the better your engine will run. Hope these suggestions help you.
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