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Default Re: Replacing the throttle cable.

Hmmm.... It looks like Norm edited his answer into my post! How'd you do that? I didn't know you had answered me because I didn't see any new posts to the thread! I did manage to figure it out on my own. For one thing after thinking on it for a bit I realized that regular solder is too soft and regardless of the strength of the joint it would eventually wear away being pulled against the cylinder time and again. I made my end by birdcaging the end of the cable and soldering. I had to trim it down a bit to make it even with the bottom of the cylinder but that was not difficult. The pain was that to assure it was the right length I had to pull the throttle assembly off the bike so I could assemble the cable on my workbench. I now have it all back together but naturally since I disturbed the delicate equilibrium of the system by messing with it I can't get the bike to start! I'll deal with that tonight and if I can't get it working I'll be back whining on another thread! Thanks for the help and suggestions!

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