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Default Re: New OCC Chopper paint!

Originally Posted by leftywoody View Post
The front brake mod . Did you drill into the forks and tap them or was the mounts already there? could you give details on the front brakes and the mounting of the idler pulley ? I have a future build that will be on an occ if i can get my grandson to stay off of it . thanx John
The idler is just a derialeur fliped backwards. It mounts to the seat mount bolt. The outer plate was removed, and I bent the other plate to keep the top end of the plate from touching chain. Their is a bolt through there but there is a trick to keep it straight without the second plate. You have to drill out the hole where the smaller stock bolt goes in, when you drill it out do not go all the way through. Leave enough metal (about as thick as a standard thread maybe a little thicker) on the back side so when you put your new bolt in it catches the "thread" then put a nut on the backside. then do not let the bolt turn and tighten the nut (which I already have epoxy on) until it is tight. Obviously your sprocket or idler needs to be in place before you use the epoxy but If you need any more tips or if I sucked at instructing you just let me know what you need me to clarify.
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