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Default Re: New OCC Chopper paint!

Ok so first of all, the derailer Mod work amazingly granted it took me a run or two to figure it out, at this point I have had no issues and I've probably got 60 miles on it since then. Umm the front brakes, no I did not have to drill or tap anything. There are two post holes on each fork (its for the front fender) I simply used a bolt that was just barely small enough to go through the hole and used epoxy on the nut I used on the other side (the epoxy I used was locktite and it was specially designed for abuse and vibration). The brake arms them selfs are off of my Honda Racing 18spd (I have rode that bike very hard and it is now just used for parts) They are supposed to slide onto a post welded on the frame, which is what my bolt assembly emulates. One con is that the spring mechanism will not work this way. I have since fixed that by adding a spring to the brake cable itself. And the chain is one I ordered seperately but I beleive it was the same length as the original one that comes with the kit.

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