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Originally Posted by tarstar View Post
sure sorry i will try to speak up more !! here are some pics 2 stroke 49 cc. i baught it on ebay i think at some place in british columbia i forget the name
First off it appears you have chosen the perfect bike for your first build. It's a simple 'V' frame style that should lend itself well to your motor. From where you are now everything is pretty much explained in several good threads here and from some of the dealers who advertise here. What specifically is your question? The only thing I see that might cause you some interference problems is the front derailer. Many of us simply do away with it but it can be worked around but it will take some effort to mount the engine the way it is intended to mount in that frame if you decide to keep it. Keep talking and tell us where you're having problems. I'll try to post a link to a very good install manual. Try this. CH Bicycle Engine Kit Installation
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