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Default Will an 80cc motor handle my weight?

Hi everyone, I just signed up today but over the last few weeks, I have been trying to gather all the information I can about building one of these cool bikes.

Being the neurotic I am, I decided to go to the Louisiana State Police HQ with a photo of what I want to build because I could not get a straight answer about what is legal. It seems that in Louisiana, anything that rides on the street has to be street legal, be registered at the DMV, have a VIN number, and insurance. It was funny that the photo I displayed to the state troopers showed two bikes parted in front of the state capital building and they were not street legal. lol

With all the behind me, the thought of my heavy body riding a 50cc motor did not sound to appealing, so if I’m going to have to make it street legal, I would like to have a 80cc motor. I weigh about 240, so I do not want to go thru all the red tape and find out that I get about 15 miles per hour.

Will an 80cc motor handle my weight?

Also, I want to buy an American motor. Do you know of any vendors that provide a good motor selection?


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