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Default Re: I've created a monster...leave the internal clutch spring alone!

I remember that post Brett...and it is good! It is a very thorough description.

I know this thread seems contradictory, it's just that I had originally mentioned this as a possible solution to an excessively tight clutch.

Last fall I saw several threads where guys were breaking thier clutch cables and or the clutch lever.

One of the engines I had here was really tight due to the fact that the internal adjustment nut had been set way too tight at the factory. I think this is more of a rarity than the norm.

Pics are great, but I think a CAD generated animation is in order. I'll see if I can post something this evening.

If I can pull it off; it will offer the most detailed visual explanation possible and should be a benefit to the forum for a long time to come.

Does anyone know if you can add animated gifs to a post?

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