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Originally Posted by Earthman View Post
For a few bucks you can get a bridge rectifier from RadioShack and a 7V Zener diode (online ‘cause RadioShack will not have it) and try the circuit below for a lead-acid battery. If you are using different batteries, get a Zener diode that matches the required charge voltage.

Try the following link for the Zener diode:

7V Zener Diode:

NOT-SO-SMALL-PRINT: I have never tried the circuit below & I only know enough about electronics to be dangerous. You’ve been warned. Good luck, and let us know if it works.
Thanks a lot Earthman, dig the name by the way. I have a little experience, as I am currently working on a few of Tesla's projects, and have been zapped by a capacitor or owch that stuff hurts. Lesson learned. I'll try the circuit and let you know what I find. Thanks all!
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