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Cool have loads of old bikes

Hi all. Here in Florida, I've built a couple of moto bikes, one with a B/S 3.5 hp vertical shaft, friction
drive, offset to the side, a little top heavy, but that baby would go, just in idle speed. The other one
was a Tecumseh 1.5 hp horizontal, with a skate board wheel as the friction wheel, until I slung
a bearing. I've also built a grinder, and a built sander out of two other old bikes, I'm in the process
of building a band saw out of parts of an exercise bike. I've seen some engine bikes on the road, but
not up close. I here some of them have problems, like spoke damage, engine mount problems, etc
I would like to buy one of the cheep one's, and see if I can improve on it. Well thanks to all who
reply. Matt
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