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Default Re: I've created a monster...leave the internal clutch spring alone!

I agree wholeheartedly, Pablo...

Everyone has an opinion, and most are just trying to help others from their experiences.
The hardest part of writing as opposed to speaking in person is the absence of connotation, inflection, and attitude connected to the writing. It's very easy to take things out of intended context and get offended. It sometimes leaves one with a bad taste and refraining from wanting to respond to things in the future.
I try to keep an open mind as best I can. Eventually, everything always finds balance.


Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
Awesome post Brett. No one is "wrong" here - just all good information. Jim did write ""...........(nothing should)..... be done until you have a full knowledge of the clutch assembly in these engines." AND You have clearly demostrated you have full knowledge and with the sharing of both of you - most all people reading should have gained light years of knowledge.
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