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Default Re: My First Build - and questions..

Sounds like you need to adjust the clutch with the flower nut under the right side cover

There should be a little slack in the cable, not pulling on the arm

Did you regrease the gears around the clutch

If you full choke when the bike is running does the engine die right away?
You probably have an air leak

The studs in the Grubee kit are black oil hardened from Japan but still not as good
as american made thread

Stainless is not that strong
Mc master carr has very strong threaded 6 mm all thread
All thread you buy at Ace or elsewhere is not very strong too

Loctite the studs into the block as well as the exhaust studs

Put an inline fuel filter on and don't worry about the air in the line

There is a lot of tweaking to do to a new motor kit to get them running as
good as that red Felt # 71 Huskie that you saw at the El Dorado bike meet [SEE PIC]

It is using the same Grubee Starfire kit that you got from me

I rode it and it was one of the nicest motorized 2 strokes in terms of drivability I
have ever riden
Raully and John do the cleanest best running installs ......

A lot of the noise and roughness comes from the crappy sprockets, tensioner and
chain in the kit
The teeth on the sprockets especially the 10 tooth front are badly machined and
make the chain clunk....
Soon I will have a CNC machined front 10 tooth to match the rear and that really
smooths out the ride

PS: Thanks to Rockvoice for the pics from the bike meet
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