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Default Re: My First Build - and questions..

Originally Posted by Boredomfiend View Post

Question though.. if I pull the clutch and slowly roll the bike, there is a little resistance and it sounds like the engine is pumping even though its not trying to start. Is this normal or just because my clutch cable isnt tight enough?

Very likely.

What does it mean if the engine seems tight? If I pedal to speed and drop the clutch, it slows me down without pumping the engine at all, then seems to "catch" once its a bit slower, and then the engine tries to start. Also if I'm going a little too slow and drop the clutch, it locks my back tire even if I have my full weight on the bike. Like I said, is the engine tight or something? When I first tested the engine mount with sprocket on, the bike would roll easily, pumping the engine, even without the clutch installed. Now it requires my full weight on the bike and sometimes even thats not enough. Whats the deal?

That all sounds normal for a new engine.

ALSO, from the initial gas fill, there's been air in the line. The tank has plenty, the valves are open, why wont it fill the line all the way? its weird seeing air in there. Do I just let it sort itself out, or is there something I need to do?

Keep an eye on it once you start riding the bike and see how it runs. Sometimes they will run fine with air in the top part of the fuel line. I would take out the fuel valve and make sure it is not obstructed with crud in the screen. Also check for good flow through the valve itself.
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