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Default Re: I've created a monster...leave the internal clutch spring alone!

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Ya gotta be careful with suggestions to the great unwashed. They can be taken wrong, or at least applied wrong. Remember who is reading what you write.

Any chain tensioner be they spring type or rigid need to be secured to the bike frame. The kit supplied clamp-on tensioner brackets are notorious for loosening and rotating into the spokes. I see some of the new brackets now come with two bolts but even so I would not trust a clamp-on installation of this critical item. Some of the guys use a self tapping screw through the bracket into the chainstay, I drill completely through and use a 10/32 bolt and nut. Either way you're assured of a tensioner that will stay put and not cause you expensive and possibly dangerous problems. Hope this helps.
I'm tossing the stock tensioner and the spring tensioner that got mangled. and I'v got a TSC tensioner coming I'm going to use only for the wheel, the rest will be like you did mounting the bar along between the 2 bars and putting a slot in it for adjustment.. I can't weld that good with a wire feed, but I'm going to use quick steel epoxy over my welds to ensure they stay put... I'v had a stock tensioner get pulled in and a spring tensioner get pulled out, so I'm not going to risk anything else.
on the bike that the rear wheel got messed up on, I didn't realise the clutch cable went thru the hole on the adjuster, and I had a HD zip tie holding it to the seat tube.. wasn't until the bike it's on now that I realised that's where it goes..
in any case, my clutch seems to be working like it should..
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